About Us

Hi friend! Thanks for stopping by at Chew on Bamboo. We really value your time and are always happy to see you at our store.
The story of Chew on Bamboo isn’t very long, as we just started developing this clothing brand with a few friends who believe in the current environmental issues of our planet. It is hard to affect people and make them realize that the problem is real and that change must take place if we want to continue living on our beautiful planet Earth. Our planet is suffering a lot and it hurts to see it. 
Our group of friends decided to combine our skills and create this brand called Chew on Bamboo. The aim of our brand is to spread environmental awareness through illustrations on t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing items by selling them to the people who care, and at the same time raising money to continue this project and donate parts to various organizations and charities working with solutions to our current environmental problems.
With designs and illustrations made entirely by us, we want to raise awareness of issues such as climate change, global warming, water pollution and acidification, generation of massive amounts of waste, over population, depletion of natural resources, extinction os species and so much more! In addition, we also want to create designs that depict the beauty of nature. The goal is to grow our brand and constantly create illustrations conveying each and every environmental issue of our planet.  
We do not own any inventory, so we don’t produce and overload of items. However, we create our brand with a print on demand approach. This means that your item will be produced just for you once you have purchased it. Thus, we do not generate unnecessary waste. 
Chew on Bamboo believes that clothes should live a lifetime, so our approach was to create the best quality garments that will remain beautiful and stylish for many years to come. 
Our products are made of either 100% soft cotton or a mixture between soft cotton and recycled polyester. The prints are created with environmentally friendly, non-toxic and resource-saving paints.
Please take a look at our hand-made designs and support the cause :)
Hope to see you soon again!